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For all its aesthetic and environmental value, harnessing natural stone for luxury construction is an intricate process. Each facet of the process, from sourcing the materials to coordinating logistics, requires a seasoned experienced eye and a wealth of knowledge. Minor oversights can impact your budget, disrupt your timelines and ultimately compromise your project.

This is where Contractors-i Ltd steps in – Not as a simple contractor, but as your strategic partner. As an independent party, we provide you with assurance that your interests are taken care of, potential risks are managed and the final project is delivered by experts in this niche field.




For sustainable elegance and a seamless service, choose Contractors-i Ltd

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Our services start with a consultation

Before any design works can begin, it is essential that we understand the finer details of your project, your expectations & influencing factors which will allow us to explain the processes & the costs involved.

Our initial consultation will cover both the immediate details such as the design intent & any desired materials you would like to use for the project (In addition to the potential impact on installation and longevity) and the logistical considerations such as materials handling & documentation required for the quality assurance folder of the stone selected.


From here, the design works can begin

‘Collaboration' is our watchword at this stage – The finished project will represent a fusion of your preferences with the practical realities and considerations of natural stone.

At the end of the day, you have sought out our stonemasons in London because you have a particular vision that you want to see made a reality. We will keep it at the forefront of our minds and use it as our benchmark, while optimising the design however possible to keep your project within budget and ensure the best possible result.


The Design Approved, Fabrication Begins

Contractors-I are privileged to work with a network of stone suppliers and processing specialists throughout Europe, North Africa & within the UK.

Our clients can take advantage of our network of audited established connections which gives access to a wide selection of stone materials & specialist fabrication services. We will create CGIs from the selected materials so as there are no surprises. You can inspect the finished article before a stone is cut. With control processes at each stage, we will schedule clients to inspect the selected materials in “dry lay” scenarios at the source of supply before the logistical movement to site.


Now the installation can begin

Contractors-I Ltd act as your project managers for the installation of your natural stone project, overseeing and administering key components including quality assurance, subcontractor management and site management.

The result is a professionally-installed natural stone fixture that draws the eye, all orchestrated with the ease of a single point of contact and without you having to navigate the maze of sourcing multiple specialists.




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Contractors International Ltd - Considerations

Natural stone provides a range of benefits when used on projects, from aesthetic appeal, prestige, style & uniqueness to increased value and durability.

1. Aesthetics

Marble is a beautiful natural stone that can adds luxury and sophistication to any project. Its unique veining and patterns create a one-of-a-kind look that can elevate the overall design of a space.

2. Durability

Marble is a durable and long-lasting material that can withstand heavy foot traffic, making it ideal for use in high-end residential and commercial projects.

3. Value

The use of luxury marble can increase the value of a property, making it an attractive investment for property developers and investors.



 4. Sustainability

Ci ltd are committed to sustainable and ethical sourcing practices, ensuring that the material is harvested in an environmentally responsible manner. The supply chain adheres to a moral code of conduct avoiding child labour & identifying corporate responsibilities to the environment, their workforce & future generations.

5. Customization

Luxury marble can be customized to meet the specific design needs of a project, allowing architects and designers to create unique and personalised spaces. This is achieved through the use of the most advanced CNC & waterjet cutting machinery. A number of our professional partners use robotic carving & processing machinery.

6. Experience

Ci ltd have the knowledge, experience, skills & machinery to convert your ideas & designs into physical reality. We aim to educate & create a great experience for our clients through each process of stone selection, design, fabrication & installation to achieve their desired project completion.