How we bring your natural stone projects to life

Ci Ltd pride ourselves on our ability to give the best possible service, informed by the most relevant industry information and multiple decades of hard-earned experience. We work with an attitude and commitment to fairness in everything we do and everyone we deal with – Ethics and best practice are our driving guidelines for all aspects of natural stone.

From initial conception to a flawless finish, we orchestrate every stage of your project. Our seasoned project and site management teams ensure a seamless execution, complete oversight and exceeding expectations, free of unnecessary stress or unforeseen delays.



Experience the difference natural stone can make

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What Are Our Responsibilities As Your Strategic Partner?


Project Management

Our team will organise every element of your project, from the design through to the delivery and all stages in-between including resource management, financial reporting and liaising with the supply chain.


Program Management

Your project will be broken down into individual tasks with clear deliverables and timelines. This includes both the selection of and testing of the materials to obtain the required Declaration of a Performance.


Interior stonemasonry Harrod's Winebar 


Custom stone bedframe


Material Sourcing


We define material selection criteria, offer samples, recommend suppliers, organise visits, oversee quality assurance, monitor fabrication, manage logistics, and optimise packaging to minimise on-site handling.


Design & Fabrication Coordination

We analyse materials for optimal yield and address potential issues. Fabrication is planned to minimise colour variation. Natural vein direction is maintained for a cohesive yet distinctive result.




Ci Ltd will coordinate both the fundamentals and minutiae of getting your materials on-site and ensuring the procedures are in place to handle them, from overseeing safe storage to ensuring the lorries used have air-cushioning suspension for safe transport.


Resource Planning & Management

We will remain firmly in the picture at the installation stage, sourcing and appointing site managers, team managers, supervisors and translators, if necessary, on top of documenting each step of the fitting.


Exterior stonemasonry fountains


Stone carved balustrades


Health, Safety, Quality & Environment

As experienced stone package managers and stonemasons in London, we have a moral and ecological responsibility to safeguard the environment – Both for our employees and for future generations.


Site Management


The installation team will be carefully monitored for attendance, quality standards, general performance and compliance with health and safety, effectively placing us as the interface between the workers and the client.


Material Inspection Visits

Once the materials have been cut to size & fabrication is complete, we will invite you to one of the fabrication plants for a “Dry Lay” inspection, where you physically inspect the minute details & finishing against the project drawings & previously supplied CGIs.


Subcontractor Management

We oversee subcontractors during installation, provide daily reports with photos, and document CSCS and professional accreditations. Biometric attendance systems track progress against the project plan and program.


Exterior stone pathways and fountains


Stone table fixture



Financial Management & Reporting

We record the daily performance against the project program & complete monthly valuations for works completed. The valuations are subcontractor payment approvals for completed works or the % thereof.

We monitor & record the inventory control of materials used by each operative which contributes considerably to the quality assurance file.  




Some Examples Of Our Previous Work

Just as no two blocks of stone are the same, so too are no two projects undertaken by our team of specialist stonemasons in London.






Contractors International Ltd – Sustainability Initiative


We believe in crafting sustainable spaces, built on a bedrock of environmental responsibility and resource-conscious design.

Just as we take our materials from the earth, we make every step to give back to the environment – Both for our sakes, and for the sakes of future generations.


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We aim to accomplish this by

  • Minimising our environmental impact with meticulous planning, precision cutting and reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Promoting ethical sourcing via fair labour practices, environmental protection measures and responsible resource management, only partnering with suppliers who share our values.
  • Contributing to sustainable build practices, minimising future demolition and construction waste by crafting luxury spaces that stand the test of time.





Our core stone working services

With access to the most advanced stone processing machinery and artisanal finishing skills, Ci Ltd can produce a range of stunning, luxury grade items from marble, granite, limestone, onyx and more.

Each bespoke fabrication item is designed to elevate items and stimulate the senses without compromising on raw functionality and structural integrity.